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Website Design and Development Pricing
One of the major factors that determine the success of any outsourced website designing and development project is the cost. In order to cut costs our website designing company primarily uses PHP opensource scripts for development. We offer 3 pricing options for the varying needs of our clients: Hourly: When you are not sure about the exact requirements. Project Based: When you know exactly what you are looking for. Dedicated Human Resources: When you want a web designer or developer to work full time.
Gretchen Voelker
Tue, 01/31/2012
Welcome To NetQuart
I recently heard someone on TV say, Im a woman of the tens . Ha, I had never thought about it but I guess what else would you call this decade? I am starting off my third year of the tens with a bang, as the new web designer for Level Ten Interactive. As I settle in with...
Dem Bones Dem Bones
by Michael Graves-Dec 08, 2010
In the field of webdesign, marketing, and PR, it is extremely important that you say what you really mean, clearly, concisely, ...
Working with MT is straightforward
Discuss the project
We evaluate the project mock-ups, site map and spec then decide on the best tools and techniques to get the job done.
Start developing
Now we are ready to put on our coding hats and start crafting a site based on the mock-ups, site map and specification brief.
Test the site
The site is almost ready but before it is ready for the public, we want you (and the client) to have the opportunity to test the site online.
Project handover
Your client is happy and the project is signed off but we're always available to support the site post launch.