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In a Content Management System (CMS), the text and images for each page (known as the "content") are easily updated by using a web-based word-processor-style interface. So the site editors so not need to know HTML to make changes. They can update the site from anywhere with an internet connection as long as they have a username and password. This content is kept in a database. So each "page" is a set of information from the database which is displayed within the defined appearance of the site (known as the template). Some content management systems that I recommend are:

CMS Made Simple

CMS MS This is my preferred CMS to use for a site that is primarily web pages of text and images. It allows for anywhere from one to hundreds of pages. More than one person can be allowed to edit these pages. CMS MS includes a News module and easy Photo Album and Events Calendar add-ons. There are a number of third party add-ons as well.


WordPress This is my preferred CMS to use for a blogging site. It has hundreds of add-ons including ones for Ecommerce. It be able to also be used for a single author non-blog site as well.


JOOMLA This my preferred CMS to use for a membership site or a site requiring extra difficult functionality than CMS Made Easy. Membership communities are most excellent done by using the Community Builder
joomlapolis add-on. Joomla also has the most 3rd party add-ons of these three, for example a great B2B directory, a forum, photo albums, a store, and most anything else you can think of.